In a world that is rapidly changing, we need a healthcare system that can meet the challenge and adapt to today's healthcare needs of overburdened Americans. New chemicals are constantly being introduced into our food and water supply which causes our entire environment to become stressed. With each new advancement in technology, we are pushed and overwhelmed with a faster pace of life. It is imperative that today's physicians sit down and actually spend time with you, the patient, to uncover what is really going on in every aspect of your life and bring you back to vibrant health!

-Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac.






  • "I have felt fantastic since the cupping treatment! I have been running better than I have in well over a year, and I am a marathon runner! My sciatic/piriformis pain is 99% better.I feel so great. I'll see you soon. Thank you again!
    — Dixie V. (marathon runner)
  • I used to get regular nerve ablation therapy for my pain in my traps and neck. After trying cupping for the first time I never need to go back for another nerve ablation treatment because I am virtually PAIN FREE!!! I am a cupping believer. Thank you so much, I am eternally grateful.
    — Jana D.
  • I wanted to thank you for my acupuncture treatment yesterday. The good news is that I went on a 3 mile walk today with NO LEG PAIN, first time in many weeks that I have been pain free. I will definitely be back in for more treatments!
    — Carol L.
  • I had a great fortune to come across Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. From the initial visit, I felt almost immediate relief from many of my aches. I was sleeping better, I had more energy, my appetite was supressed. I've had more relief in the past month than I have in years with all the past doctors combined...
    — Saundra S.