MIND GARDEN is an inspirational learning center. Born out of a need for more substantial life-affirming instructive content, we felt a need to bridge the current fragmented society that we live in, where technology isolates us, and many well-meaning centers promise to deliver heart-felt changes but fall short on that promise due to corporate needs. 

With emphasis on original content and bringing the local Los Angeles community (teachers and students) together for mindful, original and inspirational growth, we want to make a difference in you, living a better life. 

Our center offers meditation, breath-work, chanting, yoga, kids health & wellness classes, workshops on manifesting and working with energy.  As we grow, we will bring more exciting classes, seminars and workshops, bringing leaders from different health and wellness fields together to inspire our community with their stories of success.  

If it doesn't fit in a corporate box, you're likely to find it here. 


Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac., Founder

Luriko Ozeki L.Ac., Co-Founder

Kim Mulligan, Co-Founder

Ólafur Ohayon, Instructor

Adeola Baldessari, Instructor


Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac.: Founder

Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac.: Founder


As the founder and creator of MIND GARDEN, Emmanuel has spent years percolating the ideas and concepts that would one day shape and manifest the direction of this center. He saw the need for a center offering inspirational content after being dissatisfied with what was currently being offered in his community. The concept is simple: offering genuine, heart centered instruction and facilitation by the commnity for the commnity that wilenrich the lives of all involved. His goal is to live a heart centered life and his larger vision is tobring this message to the global community one center at a time. 

Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. is a physician of Chinese and Functional medicine practicing in Westlake Vilage and West LA. He specializes in treating pain, autoimmune disorders and endocrine disorders. He teaches meditation classes, and holds workshops on manifesting and purging and how to work with the lunar cycle. He is also an accomplished astrologer and martial artist and holds 4th degree black belt in Kung Fu SanSoo. He loves spending time in nature with his dog Karma. 


Luriko Ozeki L.Ac.: Co-Founder

Luriko Ozeki L.Ac.: Co-Founder


Luriko P Ozeki, L.Ac. is co-founder of MIND GARDEN, founder and owner of Iyashi Wellness, physician of Asian Medicine, pediatric specialist, educator, public speaker and a mother.   She has a thriving private family practice since 2008 in West Los Angeles and Playa Vista Adjacent, and treats from infants to senior citizens.  Though she treats persons of all ages, her passion is in treating infants and children, utilizing her special training in a Japanese non-needling technique called shonishin.  Using shonishin allows her to treat any child (or adult for that matter) wary of needles as well as being ideal for the ever-moving bodies of little children, and has brought much therapeutic healing and resolutions of illnesses and conditions in children she’s treated.

 As a pioneer and premiere expert in the field of Pediatric Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (PAOM) in the Los Angeles area, Luriko is dedicated to educating the community of the amazing benefits of PAOM as an adjunct to pediatric healthcare.  Up until the opening of MIND GARDEN, she taught her pediatric classes throughout the city.  Now, she can bring her classes all in one place, to MIND GARDEN, which she is very excited about!  She will be teaching her popular pediatric classes at MINDGARDEN, such as pediatric medical massage, introduction to PAOM, natural cold/flu prevention & remedies, natural colic and constipation remedies, and educating parents on how to navigate and overcome the 3Cs - Contemporary Chronic Childhood maladies - that many children are born with today using Asian Medicine and conventional medicine.  She is also excited to bring back her very popular Iyashi Pop Up class that sold out in two days.



Kim Mulligan: Co-Founder

Kim Mulligan: Co-Founder


Kim Mulligan is from the East Coast and has a B.F.A. Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At age fourteen she was introduced to mindfulness and formal meditation at the first retreat she attended at the Insight Meditation Society in MA. While there she experienced a sense of peace that has been a touchtone for her all of these years. Since then, she has shared her light with many others through her art, performing, mentoring and teaching. She continued her artful exploration of living in the present moment through Improv comedy, training and performing in Los Angeles for many years. Kim lives in Beverly Hills with her husband of 12 years and their two lady cats, Monkey and Commander.

I am so excited for Luriko, Emmanuel and I to share the classes we have planned. They are all based on helping people build their own toolbox and find the health, success and fun that life has to offer. What is really cool is that we are putting amazing teachers who have unusual skills such as communicating with Angels and teachers with more common knowledge such as Meditation all in one place where our community can access whatever information speaks to them as part of their own journey. It's going to be electrifying!