At Integrated Acupuncture & Herbs, we offer a unique blend of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. begins his consultations with comprehensive intake form, alongside a detailed history taking, exam, and investigation of the patients timeline finding the trigger that set off the cascade of events from health to disease. He asks his patients to bring in any recent and relevant blood chemistry results or orders them for his patients. Depending on the health concern of the patient, more specific and targeted Chinese and/or Functional Medicine intake forms are given to the patient to complete or patient is asked to complete stool, saliva, further testing. After using his keen diagnostic skills and experience to pinpoint his patients patterns, he explains it to his patient in order to empower them in taking charge of their own health. Consultations often include food logs and dietary discussions. Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. spends no less than an hour face to face with new patients sometimes up to 90 minutes, because its simply impossible to help a patient without knowing all the factors that contribute to their health problem and its simply impossible to take a detailed history in 5 minutes. 

Relying on two very similar and complimentary healthcare systems, Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. draws from the system that lends itself best to the patients case at any one time in order to best help them with their health concerns. Highly aware and investigative, he firmly believes that the best healthcare is the one that works and having an open mind and able to think outside the box in assessing his patients is crucial to finding the best solution. Whether the clues to their puzzle come from Chinese Medicines' traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis, or a saliva test, stool analysis, or from talking to his patients during the discovery process of their history or walking through their daily dietary habits or lifestyle choices, his only goal is to help his patients regain their health.  

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chinese medicine consultation

Aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brought into Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. unique consultation blend:

  • Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis
  • Palpation of meridians
  • Diagnosis by observation, interrogation (questions), palpation, hearing, and smelling
  • TCM pattern differentiation based on eight principles, & Qi-Blood-Body Fluids
  • Identification of patterns according to the internal organs
  • Idenfication of patterns according to pathogenic factors, six stages, four levels and three burners
  • Identification of patterns according to the 12 channels, eight extraordinary vessels, the five elements, and yin-yang theory

Functional Medicine Consultation

Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. typically draws from these Functional Medicine aspects in his consultations:

  • Blood Chemistry Testing
  • Stool Testing
  • Saliva Testing
  • Functional Medicine forms/surveys/questionnaires for specific systems
  • Functional Medicine neurological exams
  • Investigating triggers (environmental, lifestyle, dietary, toxins, parasites, infections)
  • Investigation of physiological and biochemical pathways inthe matrix of these systems: 
    • Assimilation: digestion, absorption, microbiota/GI, respiration
    • Defense and repair: immune, inflammation, infection
    • Energy: energy regulation, mitochondrial function
    • Bio-transformation and elimination: toxicity, detoxification
    • Transport: cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
    • Communication: endocrine, neurotransmitters, immune messengers (cytokines)
    • Structural integrity: sub-cellular membranes to musculo-skeletal integrity