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diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing is a very valuable and necessary part of effective medicine. Many specialty labs are now available, making the search for the right diagnosis much easier and takes the guess work out of medicine. The problem is that many physicians do not test enough detail or refuse to test certain markers because there is no pharmaceutical drug to "fix" that condition. A perfect example is Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis: Apart from prescribing T3 and T4, there is no drug that addresses the autoimmune aspect of the disease process so many physicians do not test for thyroid antibodies.  They wait until the thyroid has destroyed itself by allowing the autoimmune process to go on for years and then tell the patient that they need to be on thyoid replacement hormone for the rest of their lives. Many physicians also only test for TSH, saying that it is the gold standard of thyroid testing. The problem is that not all thyroid conditions will be caught that way leaving many patients with symptoms and no relief.

Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. uses diagnostic lab testing to get to the root of his patients' disorders so they can be adequately treated. 

list of available testing labs

The following is a list of some of the labs we use to gather valuable data about your health so that we can diagnose and treat you effectively.

  • Quest Diagnostics: general blood laboratory chemistry
  • Genova Diagnostics: specialty DNA, stool, blood, urine, saliva
  • Doctors Data: specialty stool, blood, urine
  • Labrix: saliva (hormones)
  • Metsol: breath (SIBO)
  • 23 and me: DNA testing