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Dietary counseling

"We are what we eat!" The food we consume breaks down into its smallest parts which are the building blocks we supply to our bodies to do everything it needs to accomplish. From turning our cells over, (some of which only live 3 months), to supplying the amino acids that keep our immune systems strong, to providing the fuel to get us through the day and making sure our DNA is not compromised by the daily stressors we encounter, our diet is the defining tipping point that determines whether we will live a healthy life or not.

Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. has studied food and dietary science from both a Western nutrition and Chinese medicine nutrition points of view and brings his dietary wisdom to his clinics where he helps his patients back to a road to healthy living. While Western nutrition looks at food from a macro and micro nutrient standpoint and its various effects on cells and immune modulators, Chinese medicine nutrition views food just as it does herbs, applying the same attributes of taste and temperature and body system which is affected. Diet should never be a one size fits all and should always take into account the patients constitution and presenting condition.

He often employs elimination diets with his patients and makes dietary recommendations are pivotal part of his treatment protocols. He also uses specialized lab stool tests from Doctors Data or Genova Diagnostics to get a deeper insight as to what is causing the disease process in his patients.

His goal is to see all of his patients empowered to eat well, getting off all their medications and even supplements and thriving from a whole food diet.

He has personally tried many diets, and has had a lot of success putting patients on a paleo, ketogenic, gluten or grain free diet which can make a dramatic difference in getting patients out of a health crisis. He personally is on a plant based diet.