Energy Healing offers a unique alternative or adjunct to acupuncture therapy. For those individuals that have a fear of needles or are very sensitive, energy healing can be a good option. It also can be a powerful amplifier to the other therapies working to increase the potency of Acupuncture and the bodies own innate healing powers.

Emmanuel Sargenti, LAc has been developing his unique energy healing protocol through years of meditation, trial and error, and refining his process with experience and as his sensitivity increased.

It is fully integratable into Chinese medicine but also works as a stand alone method of healing.

Energy healing may involve some or all of:

  • Hands on Touch: Finger tips are placed on back of patients neck and on scalp and sometimes other corresponding areas such as knee, abdomen, etc. depending on the energetic need to affect a shift in the patient.

  • Acupuncture: This may include medical or esoteric acupuncture protocols.

  • Astrology: The Astrological birth chart may be generated and pulled into the energy healing treatment to identify energy patterns that manifest in the patients life as symptoms that can be softened, balanced, or cleared.

  • Crystals: various crystals are employed and placed in patients hands or over energy centers such as the heart chakra.

  • Chakra balancing: Chakra is a term from the Indian system which literally means spinning wheels. They are major energy centers in the body along the spine which can become stuck, overactive or underactive.

  • Essential oils: individual oils applied to specific acu points or energetic blends applied to certain energy centers or chakras to help balance or move energy around and out of the body.

  • Sage: burning of sage and/or palo santo around the energy body or auric field.

  • Sound healing: This can include singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks. Sound carries vibration and vibration can affect the energy within the body.


Energy healing may assist and support the healing of any and all disorders due to the fact that all disease begins in an energetic state before it becomes dense enough to stagnate as a fixed disease process in the body that can be seen though imaging and blood tests. This is why many patients experience symptoms or may feel ill only to get turned away and dismissed by medical doctors after testing and finding nothing abnormal. It does not mean that nothing is wrong, it just means the disorder is still in the energetic state. From an energetic point of view, healing, just like the disease process, also begins from the energetic and emotional state and then over time can affect the physical body, thereby working on the root level and working itself outward like layers of an onion.

  • Pain: Patients often report that after energy healing sessions, their pain diminishes or vanishes.

  • Chakra Balancing: Patients seek energy healing when they have certain energy centers “blocked” or “stuck” and conventional medicine cannot assist them in resolving their imbalance.

  • Emotional Disorders: Anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief, loss, breakups.

  • Karmic Energy: Sometimes nothing they try seems to work or the patient has a strange feeling that what they are experiencing is either a transference from another person or from another lifetime.

  • Family Patterns: Just like Karmic energy above, Family dynamics are very complex and can be tricky to resolve. Energy healing can assist in beginning to untie those knots of family dynamics or heal relationships even when the other person involved is not willing or available to facilitate the healing.

  • Support & Coping: Sometimes there is nothing one can do to create change in what is transpiring and energy healing can help the patient cope through the process and create a sense of support. Or the patient is in a supportive role for others and this can be a big energetic drain on the human energetic system.

  • Meditation & Spiritual Path: Sometimes energy healing can help to spark the beginning of one’s spiritual path or to push through a stagnation or plateau within ones existing path.

What to expect:

Patients often report that they feel like they are floating, feel temperature changes, feel sensations similar to acupuncture in which energy sensations are felt in various areas of the head and body often in specific directions, or sometimes nothing is felt at all, any of which is fine and does not mean that it is not effective.

People report varying sensitivity to energy healing based on past experiences, training, belief systems, and sensitivities. Results and experienced sensations vary from one individual to another. Those that are highly sensitive have often reported sensations of energy balancing in their chakras (energy centers) as well as left and right hemispheres.

Energy healing sessions last 60 minutes and cost $108.