Welcome and thank you for considering to become a new patient. Here are some guidelines to read and understand before you make your first appointment, so you can become familiar with how an integrative Chinese Medicine clinic works.
Initial consultations are typically a lot longer than you are used to with your allopathic doctor. This is because in Chinese medicine, a careful history and assessment is taken of your condition and sometimes life history. Because of this, we allot up to 90 minutes for the first visit which includes the treatment of acupuncture and/or cupping which takes about 20-30 minutes.

Follow up visits are generally 60 minutes in duration with a short check in and follow up of current symptoms. Acupuncture treatment is cumulative, which means that while some patients experience 100% relief after their first treatment, many do not. One course of treatment is considered 6 treatments and this is exactly how Workers Compensation claims for acupuncture are usually administered. Because of this, symptoms usually don't change so fast and follow-up consultations are usually scheduled every 6 treatments or 6 weeks (whichever comes first).

Chinese Medicine diagnosis also relies on taking a specialized method of listening to the pulse of both wrists and checking the tongue shape, color and coating.

Once needles are inserted, they are left in place for about 15-30 minutes, depending on several factors such as patient's age, sensitivity, and condition being treated. Many patients fall asleep during treatment and most comment that they enter a deep relaxed almost "meditative" state. The needles are then removed and specific instructions and recommendations are given.

Many come to Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. for a consultation only, whether to make sense of their confusing symptoms, help with understanding their blood work, to get a blood work order, or to work with him and get a special customized Chinese herbal formula.


Prior to your first visit, please fill out the new patient form. You may also want to contact your other healthcare providers to request copies of diagnostic testing results such as blood tests, MRI and X-Ray reports, if they are relevant to your case. This way we can review all related tests which could help with diagnosis and keep them in your file for future reference.

If you are scheduling an acupuncture therapy visit, please also read the following:
1. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
2. Do not drink coffee at least 5 hours prior to your visit, have a light meal or snack before, but refrain from overeating as this can cause nausea. Likewise, an empty stomach can be the cause of dizziness after a treatment. Drink plenty of water on the day of the treatment. Do not drink alcohol before or after the day of treatment.
3. Do not drink or eat anything that changes the color of the tongue as this makes tongue diagnosis impossible. Also please do not brush the coating off your tongue and refrain from wearing fragrances.
4. After your treatment, rest is preferable. Do not exercise strenuously, or immerse yourself in water (especially after cupping), or eat greasy fried or spicy foods.

Thank you.

Please download this new patient form, print it, and bring it filled out to your first consultation. Please bring copies of any relevant blood test results, MRI/X-ray study reports that may be relevant in your case.