nutritional compound therapy

Nutritional compound therapy is the use of specific nutrients supplied in the form of a supplement when patients can not or will not consume these nutrients from a whole food diet. This is not to be confused with taking a "multi-vitamin" which Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. views as a marketing scam. Not everybody needs the same nutrients and not everybody needs the same dosages. Every nutrient has a therapeutic dosage level which can favorably impact health if taken correctly by the right patient. Multivitamins supply too low a value for any one nutrient and jamming them into one capsule or pill, (many of which can be antagonistic to each other), does nothing for the person taking them. There is also the problem of synthetic versus plant sourced nutrients which is a big concern.    

Sometimes patients do not need dangerous anti-tremor medications, but rather just are deficient in magnesium or Vitamin B12. Sometimes a patient is depressed due to a lack of co-factors in making serotonin in their brain and does not need to be on an SSRI drug.

Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. uses his diagnostic experience along with careful testing through blood tests, saliva, stool, or urine tests to determine which nutrients are deficient in his patients and restoring their levels to normal levels to bring their body back to a healthy state without the need for drugs.