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I have felt fantastic since the cupping. All my family and friends thought I was nuts when they saw my pictures I posted on Facebook.  But now they are all inundating me with Michael Phelps cupping pics and articles and asking me questions.  Crazy good timing!  I have been running better than I have in well over a year. My sciatic or piriformis pain is 99% better.  I don't care if I perpetually  have circles on my body because I feel so great!   I'll see you soon. Thank you again! -Dixie (Marathon runner)


 Thank you for my healing treatment! You know what you're doing and I appreciate it! I have been using acupuncture for medical needs and well being for 30 years. I have been to many different doctors throughout this time. I recently discovered Dr. Emmanuel Sargenti L.Ac. and am extremely impressed with his vast understanding of our body, mind and spirit. He is very compassionate and is a great listener on top of being intuitive. His knowledge of food, herbs, alternative supplements and well being are extensive. He is a true healer and asset to the health community.


I have been feeling so much better since I started to come see you. The acupuncture treatments energize me while at the same time, calm me down so I have sustained energy without worrying. Im very grateful that you figured out with simple blood tests which supplements I needed to take to feel better and I continue to improve more every day. I forgot to tell you another wonderful change since I started working with you is that I wake up in the morning with full energy for the day-it was not like this before! Thank You!!! 

Im loving this diet you put me on!! Energy is up, sugar cravings are GONE! mental focus and clarity are back! ...What else is in store???

I'm still on the diet you recommended. Keto diet. I'm much more focused, more energy, and feeling great!! I can get by on less sleep yet seem to have more energy.  I think I've lost some fat and gaining muscle. I do the fat bombs for my cocoa addiction. Lol. Actually, my cravings for chocolate and sweets are not there anymore. However, I still take cocoa in its natural state. Loving it!!


I have been on a search for the past two years for relief to symptoms I feel are associated with hypothyroidism, which I was diagnosed with about six years ago.  Initially, I was put on 20 mcg of levothyroxine....and at every six month check up, the dosage would increase.  Presently, I am taking 125 mcg.  An endocrinologist I was referred to by my general my INSISTENCE....told me my joint pain, fatigue, immune issues....had absolutely nothing to do with my thyroid.  Yet everything I read on my own did not hold true to this medical finding.  The only course of remedy, according to this doctor, was to lose weight...and keep increasing the levothyroxine.  I do know that weight is certainly a part of my poor health, so I decided to seek out acupuncture as a method to assist in this....hoping it would also alleviate some of my other discomforts.

I had the great fortune to come across Emmanuel Sargenti, who has an office very near my home and who so conveniently offers some evening hours.  From the initial visit, I felt almost immediate relief from main of my aches....I was sleeping better....I had more appetite was suppressed.  I've had more relief to my symptoms in the past month than I have in years of investigating what more I could do to help myself.  Emmanuel Sargenti specializes in thyroid issues and has offered an arsenal of great information and tools to bring my health up to par.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone struggling with autoimmune issues, sleep, anxiety, pain, hormonal upset.....the man is a cure all!!!  Thank you for putting me back on the path to feeling well.


Quick update on my back! Other than slight residual soreness and a tiny bit of stiffness on the right side, I was virtually PAIN FREE all day!!!! I am a cupping believer! I wont be needing to go in to ablate my nerves anymore thanks to you! Thank you so much, I am eternally grateful.


I wanted to thank you for my treatment yesterday. And the good news is I did a three mile walk today with no leg pain, first time in many weeks! I will definitely be back for more acupuncture treatments! 



Emmanuel is as much a spiritual counselor and guide as he is an acupuncturist. He has healed my broken leg along with helping me see that I have the strength from within to heal my heart and all parts of me. His knowledge in Medicine is vast both Chinese and Western. He is a healer and it comes straight fromhis heart. His clinic has become my one hour mid-week sanctuary. He has even helped me to begin my meditation journey and helps me with weekly insights into my daily life obstacles. You would sell yourself short if you did not give this man a try to heal what's broken within. -Tabby Hanson Graham (28 year veteran stunt woman)


Emmanuel is a miracle worker!! I have had numerous injuries to my knees, back and hips, including sciatica and even diagnosed my Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis when no one else found it or even cared to look.  Nothing compares to the treatments I receive and the nutritional guidance he dispenses. Emmanuel is extremely knowledgeable and he gets me moving after the first session.  I'm a "scaredy cat" of needles and he makes sure to use smaller ones to make it so I don't feel the needles. My 8 year old son also gets acupuncture and cupping for pneumonia. He has been getting pneumonia every since since he was born and with some simple dietary restrictions (no milk/dairy) and gentle needling and cupping, my son for the first time in his life didnt get pneumonia! Emmanuel is kind and makes sure my son is well aware of what is coming next. My son absolutely enjoys going there each week. Emmanuel is one of the few physicians who still take the time to sit down and go over what your major concerns are. That to me, means a lot. 

Dr. Sargenti is amazing! He makes me feel very comfortable and that he really cares about my health and truly wants me to feel better.  He took my complete health history and thoroughly went over all my health issues. He did acupuncture and cupping and both were way better than the what I've had before at other offices. He used the cups to massage my back which felt so wonderful that I didn't want it to end. Emmanuel takes my insurance and doesn't pressure sell me on anything that I don't ask for. His office is very relaxing and clean. After the session I was in a ton of traffic but I was so relaxed and zen that I didn't even care. I can't wait to go back because I feel so awesome from his treatments.

Lisa Marie Wilson