Not your typical astrological consultation:

This is not a typical astrological birth chart or solar return chart reading to find out when you will find love or make money. This consultation is designed for those that wish to flush out their energetic patterns, those who seek to work on themselves with diligence and mindfulness. Used in this way, astrology can be a very useful tool in the beginning of the journey of self discovery. With enough self work and awareness and meditation, we can supersede these patterns and free ourselves from the hold that polarity gravity has on us and choose our own journey. However at the beginning stages of self discovery astrology is a very useful method for flushing out specific patterns in order to gain awareness over them. We will work with specific tools, meditations, and assignments. In this way one consultation can unearth a great deal of material to work on and typical clients do not come more than once a year for follow up consultations. This is definitely not for entertainment purposes and not to be taken lightly.

This consultation is for you if these apply to you:

  • Spiritual seeker committed to a spiritual journey of self discovery
  • Wanting to address an internal or external conflict or struggle inyour life
  • Feel empowered to work on yourself and take full responsibility for your life
  • Understand that everything and everyone is a mirror to us and directly reflects our inner energy resonance
  • You feel stuck and have run out of options
  • You know there is more to life but cannot figure out where to begin your journey

consultation pricing:

    • One hour consultation plus the preparation of your case and chart. You willfill out a questionnaire with birth date data and relevant questions you want addressed during the consultation. Clients have a lifetime ability to check in by email and ask follow up questions. If it is too complicated for a email response, a follow up consultation is recommended.
    • One hour consultation addressing any follow up questions from previous visit or current struggles or plateaus.